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Chapter 8. Citrus Wine Ideas

Make these kinds of citrus wine with bakers' yeast fresh.


This is a delightful citrus wine that develops a flavour that can readily be likened to an orange-flavoured whisky.

12 large oranges, or their equivalent, 4 lb. sugar, ½ oz. yeast, 1 gal. water, nutrient.

Drop the whole oranges into boiling water, and push each one under the surface. Then take them out and throw the water away.

Cut the oranges into small pieces and pour over them half a gallon of boiled water that has cooled. Cover well, and leave to soak for forty-eight hours, crushing and pressing the peel between the fingers to extract the oil which gives a very special flavor. Then boil half the sugar in a quart of water for two minutes and when cooled add this to the orange pulp. Then add the yeast and nutrient. Ferment this in a warm place for five days. Then crush, strain through fine muslin or other suitable material and wring out dry. Discard the pulp and return the fermenting liquor to the fermenting vessel, and allow your future citrus wine to ferment for a further ten days. Carefully pour off into a gallon jar, leaving as much of the deposit behind as you can.

Then boil the rest of the water and sugar together and when cool add to the rest. Then fit fermentation lock or cover as directed and continue to ferment your citrus wine in a warm place until all fermentation has ceased.


This citrus wine is not ordinarily made to drink as a wine. It is often made by experienced wine makers for blending with dried fruit wines which sometimes fall short of acid requirement. But more often it is made as a novelty. It is particularly suitable for making into lemon gin wine.

Use the above directions for making orange citrus wine using eight lemons instead of using oranges.


This is another acid citrus wine, but many people like it, especially where a pound of raisins or dates are fermented with the grapefruits.

Use eight large grapefruits following the orange citrus wine recipe above. If you wish to add a pound of raisins or dates do so as soon as you have cut up the grapefruits and ferment them with the rest for the first few days until straining time.


If raisins or dates are used, use half a pound less of sugar, because dried fruits contain approximately fifty per cent sugar.


This makes a really delightful citrus wine and as many tangerines may be used as suits you but do not use less than fifteen or more than thirty.

Dates or raisins may be used with this as well as in the grapefruit recipe and the notes about this should be followed if you want to add them. However, I feel that you would find the raw fruits more to your liking.

Follow the directions for orange citrus wine on page 88 when making tangerine wine.

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